Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Princess in a Box puzzle

Today was holidays here (national day) so I finally could finish the Professor Layton and the Curious Village cute little game. If you like puzzles there are no better games than the Professor Layton series. I really recommend them if you own a Nintendo DS. However I don't play games much, so take my advice with a bit of salt: the only games I ever finished were StarControl II, Starcraft and Jeanne d'Arc. That reminds me that the last time I went to Buenos Aires I brought with me a little box with a similar puzzle. I totally forgot about it until I saw again a similar puzzle in the DS game.

This puzzle has been a long time around us as a member of the family of sliding puzzles and is better known as the Klotski puzzle, but I'm going to name it here The Princess in a Box puzzle because is the name that it has in the Professor Layton's game. I did this Flash demo if you want to play it: